The term Bot in League of Legends refers to computer controlled opponent (AI - Artificial Intelligence) available in custom games and co-op vs. AI matches. Bots can have either "beginner" or "intermediate" AI.

On January 24, 2012 it was announced that the bot system would be expanded with more bots, better intelligence and availability on the Crystal Scar[1]. On February 01, 2012, the system was released.[2]


Bots can be used for:

  • Practicing against or learning how to play a new Champion;
  • Filling in for missing players to even out teams;
  • Leisurely play for those who do not want to experience such competition between summoners;
  • New players who want to familiarize themselves with the game (champions, maps, items, item builds, champion skills, strategies etc.) before competing with other summoners.

Runes and Masteries

Intermediate bots take 15 mastery points and have 16 runes--five each of Tier 2 Marks/Seals/Glyphs and one Tier 2 Quintessence. Intermediate bots have no increased stats except for a boost to their passive gold gain.[3]

Beginner bots have neither runes nor masteries.[3]

Available Bots

On January 24, 2012 it was announced that new bots would be added to the existing pool.[1] This was implemented on February 01, 2012.[2] The bots available since this update are:

Champions with a  Done.svg  were available prior to the V1.0.0.133 update.

Bots available in Custom Game

Custom Games only support beginner level bots.

Dominion-exclusive Bots

Some bots have been only sighted in Dominion mode.

Adding Bots

To add a bot into a practice game, you must first be the creator or the host of the game. Then, click the "Add Bot" button on the right of the empty slot to add a bot to the corresponding team. Once a bot has been added, you can then change the Champion of the bot by selecting it from the drop-down menu.

Tutorial Bots

In the new tutorial, Battle Training, four new bots appeared, with a high AI, these are: Draven Draven, who plays on the player's team, and Draven Draven, Draven Draven, and Draven Draven, who opposed the player.

Cancelled Bots

  • During Draven Draven's release in patch V1.0.0.101, she was unintentionally added onto the bot roster. Bots' names are usually made up of the champion name followed by the word "Bot" (e.g. Annie Bot). However, Draven Draven went by the name "game_bot_sona". She did nothing but autoattack and she was removed from the bot roster with V1.0.0.102. She has been reintroduced as a standard bot with the Rise of the Bot Army update.
  • After the update, Draven Draven and Draven Draven appear to be scheduled for removal as bots. However, it is possible that they will still be able to be selected in custom games, but won't be available in random player vs AI games. They, together with Draven Draven and Draven Draven, were unavailable in that mode before the update.

Patch History

{{scroll box| V3.02

  • 20px DRAVEN bot will no longer do nothing which occurred when the target of Champion Stand United was killed while DRAVEN was channeling.


  • Added 20px DRAVEN Bot for all Co-op vs AI maps.
  • Bots may now make chat messages.
  • Improved retreat logic for bots with dashes.


  • Added 20px DRAVEN Bot for all Co-op vs AI maps.
  • Bots are more likely to use items with actives.


  • Twisted Treeline bots should now favor defending their base over taking altars.
  • Twisted Treeline bots no longer get stuck at the summoning platform when an inhibitor is under attack.
  • Custom game Summoner's Rift bots now use the same push logic as beginner Co-op vs. AI bots, which should address several issues of bots getting stuck on the map.
  • Added a pathing workaround to prevent Summoner's Rift bots from getting trapped in certain areas of the map (e.g. DRAVEN pit).
  • Battle Training bots should no longer get stuck during the tutorial.


  • 20px DRAVEN Bot will now increase the damage of Vorpal Spikes when he levels it up.
  • 20px DRAVENr Bot will now appear on intermediate difficulty in Co-op vs AI for all maps.
  • Fixed a bug where Summoner's Rift bots would occasionally get stuck on the summoning platform after respawn if enemy champions were nearby.
  • Fixed a bug where 20px DRAVEN Bot would idle while trying to attack enemy minions.
  • Bots now properly factor untargetable enemy turrets in threat calculations, making it harder to get them stuck between towers.


  • Intermediate bots now have a chance to use a random skin.


  • Custom game bots now lane properly when allied players are jungling.
  • Battle Training:


  • Changed the way bots evaluate towers to better take into account minions and enemies.
  • Changed return to base logic for bots to make them more likely to heal and purchase items.
  • Dominion bots should now properly ignore invisible units when deciding to defend capture points.
  • Beginner bots are now less likely to assist each other during kill and retreat situations.
  • Bot assist logic now works during the laning phase.
  • Updated 20px DRAVENe Bot's item build.
  • 20px DRAVENi Bot should now properly purchase [[File:{{{DRAVEN Blade}}} item.png|20px|alt=|DRAVEN Blade|link=DRAVEN Blade]] DRAVEN Blade on Dominion instead of [[File:{{{The DRAVEN}}} item.png|20px|alt=|The DRAVEN|link=The DRAVEN]] The DRAVEN.


  • Bots are now more likely to use abilities while retreating.
  • Bots now properly retreat in their base to the summoning platform instead of getting stuck between the nexus turrets.
  • Bots no longer forget they are being chased.
  • DRAVEN no longer occasionally cancels Champion Nether Grasp.
  • Re-enabled 20px DRAVEN Bot.


  • Added 20px DRAVEN and 20px DRAVEN to the bot roster.
  • Intermediate bots will now sell their Doran's items to buy an additional item after completing their builds.
  • Beginner bots will no longer purchase elixirs.
  • Updated several bots' item builds.


  • Bots will no longer kill themselves by chasing enemies onto the summoning platform.
  • Fixed a bug where 20px DRAVEN would occasionally get stuck toggling Champion Frost Shot repeatedly.
  • Fixed a bug where 20px DRAVEN did not learn all of his abilities.
  • Fixed a bug where bots would use Cleanse.png Cleanse on knockup and knockback abilities.



  • Added 20px DRAVEN and 20px DRAVEN to the bot roster.
  • Improved bots' target acquisition while near enemy towers to reduce the amount of tower diving.
  • Improved bots' logic for assisting each other.
  • Bots now properly purchase elixirs after finishing their item builds.
  • Fixed a bug where bots would sometimes randomly path toward the enemy base.



  • Added 20px DRAVEN to the bot roster.
  • Improved bots' ability to last hit and reduced how much they push their lanes.
  • Reduced the amount of gold given to bots on Summoner's Rift intermediate.
  • Added the ability for bots to call for help from nearby bots.
  • Improved the precision of skillshots and ground targeted AoE abilities.
  • Minor bug fixes with 20px DRAVEN, 20px DRAVENBot, and 20px DRAVEN.



  • Rise of the DRAVEN Army:
    • Players can now queue to play against a much wider roster of champions in Co-op versus AI.
    • You can see the complete list of added bots here.


  • Bottom and top lane champions switched. The AD carry and support now go to the bottom lane while the tank and bruiser AI go to the top lane.




  • Bots will now properly respond to taunts.


  • Bots are now properly labeled at the difficulties of "new player" and "easy".

May 9, 2009 Patch:



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