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Lulu OriginalSkin
Statistics Edit
Health 525 +82 Attack damage 44 +2.6
Health regen. 5 +0.6 Attack speed [*] 0.625  (+ 0 +2.25%)
Mana 200 +55 Armor 13 +3.7
Mana regen. 5 +0.5 Magic resist. 30 +0
Range 550 +0 Move. speed 325 +0
[[File:Plantilla:Tip data/Missing|x61pxpx|link=Plantilla:Tip data/Missing]][[File:Plantilla:Tip data/Missing|x61pxpx|link=Plantilla:Tip data/Missing]][[File:Plantilla:Tip data/Missing|x61pxpx|link=Plantilla:Tip data/Missing]] Missing Lulu
el Hada Hechicera [1]
Price:IP 6300 / RP 880
Secondary Bar:[[File:Plantilla:Tip data/Mana|20px|link=Plantilla:Tip data/Mana]][[File:Plantilla:Tip data/Mana|20px|link=Plantilla:Tip data/Mana]][[File:Plantilla:Tip data/Mana|20px|link=Plantilla:Tip data/Mana]] [[:Plantilla:Tip data/Mana|Mana]]
Release Date:2012-03-20 Last Changed:N/A
Secondary Attributes:rangetype
Champion style basic attacks activeChampion style 50Champion style abilities active


Pix, Compañero Hadástico

Siempre que Lulu o el aliado que esté bajo los efectos de Help, Pix! ¡Ayudita, Pix! ataca a un enemigo (excluyendo estructuras y centinelas) Pix dispara una ráfaga de 3 rayos hacia el mismo objetivo enemigo infligiendo 3 - 35 (basado en el nivel) (+ 5% AP) de daño mágico por cada rayo, con un daño máximo posible de 9 - 105 (basado en el nivel) (+ 15% AP) de daño mágico.

Detalles de la Habilidad
Pix, Compañero Hadástico is a passive ability that fires three projectiles towards Lulu's target whenever she makes a basic attack. These are targeted but can be blocked by enemies in the way.

Información adicional:

  • Pix, Faerie Companion will only fire with basic attacks and will not fire with abilities that proc on-hit effects like Champion Blade Waltz, Champion Mystic Shot, Champion Parrrley, Champion Infinite Duress, [[File:{{{Runaan's Hurricane}}} item.png|20px|alt=|Runaan's Hurricane|link=Runaan's Hurricane]] Runaan's Hurricane, etc.
  • Pix, Faerie Companion fires from Pix's location, not the location of the unit Pix is following.
  • Pix does not assist attacks on structures.
  • At 2.000 attack speed Pix will fire an endless stream of bolts. at 2.001 attack speed Pix will not be able to match the speed and will start to lose bolts.
  • Pix, Faerie Companion's damage is counted towards the unit Pix is following, as such, it will count as an ally's damage if he is following an ally and it counts as Lulu's damage if Pix is following her or attached to an enemy unit.
  • Pix cannot be targeted in any way.
  • Pix, Faerie Companion acts in different ways with effects that would prevent basic attack damage:
    • If the allied champion Pix is following is blinded, Pix and the champion will both miss.
    • Champion Riposte will only parry or block one attack, either the allied champion's or one of Pix's depending on when it was activated.
      • Champion Aegis Protection will not block any bolt as they deal magic damage, while the basic attacks that caused Pix to fire can be potentialy blocked
    • Champion Counter Strike will dodge all of Pix's attacks along with those of the allied champion he's following.
Lulu IVideo

Lanza Brillantina
COSTO: 60 / 65 / 70 / 75 / 80 maná

Activa: Lulu y Pix, Faerie Companion Pix disparan un rayo mágico a la dirección objetivo, causando daño mágico y ralentizando a los enemigos golpeados en 80% por un corto tiempo. La ralentización disminuye durante la duración hasta llegar al 0% (+13.3% por cada 100 AP). Un enemigo solo puede ser afectado por un solo rayo.

  • Daño Mágico: 80 / 125 / 170 / 215 / 260 (+ 50% AP)
  • Duración de la Ralentización: 1 / 1.25 / 1.5 / 1.75 / 2
Detalles de la Habilidad
Lanza Brillantina is a dual pass-through linear skillshot.

Información adicional:

  • Glitterlance shoots two bolts, one from Lulu and the other from wherever Pix is when the spell is cast.
    • Moving the cursor towards Lulu when targeting will cause the two bolts to cross fire, while moving the cursor away from Lulu will cause the bolts to fire towards the same point.
  • Enemies can only be damaged by one bolt. However, they can be affected by the slow of both, refreshing the duration if they hit in succession.
    • If an enemy is hit by both bolts, the slow does not stack.
  • While Glitterlance pops spell shield, the target is still able to be damaged and slowed by the second bolt, if the conditions are right, after negating the first with a spell shield.
Lulu QVideo

COSTO: 65 maná
ENFRIAMIENTO: 18 / 16.5 / 15 / 13.5 / 12

Activa – Lanzamiento Sobre Aliado: El aliado objetivo gana 30% (+ 10% por cada 100 AP) de velocidad de movimiento por algunos pocos segundos.

  • Duración de la velocidad de movimiento adicional: 3 / 3.5 / 4 / 4.5 / 5

Activa – Lanzamiento Sobre Enemigo: Cambia la forma de un campeón enemigo por un corto periodo de tiempo, impidiéndole realizar ataques básicos o utilizar habilidades, y reduciendo su velocidad de movimiento base en 60.

  • Duración del Cambio de Forma: 1.25 / 1.5 / 1.75 / 2 / 2.25
Detalles de la Habilidad
Capricho is a single targeted ability that can be cast on allies or enemies.

Información adicional:

  • Whimsy can interrupt channeled abilities when used on enemy players.
  • Whimsy's polymorph particle changes with her skin:
Lulu WVideo

¡Ayudita, Pix!
COSTO: 60 / 70 / 80 / 90 / 100 maná

Activa – Lanzamiento Sobre Aliado: Ordena a Pix, Faerie Companion Pix saltar sobre un aliado. Si el objetivo es un campeón, le otorga un escudo que absorbe daño y tiene una duración maxima de 6 segundos. Adicionalmente Pix seguirá a ese aliado y lo asistirá en sus ataques, en lugar de a Lulu durante 6 segundos.

  • Fuerza del Escudo: 70 / 105 / 140 / 175 / 210 (+ 60% AP)

Activa – Lanzamiento Sobre Enemigo: Pix inflige daño mágico a la unidad enemiga objetivo. Pix sigue al objetivo y otorga visión sobre el durante 4 segundos.

  • Daño Magico: 80 / 110 / 140 / 170 / 200 (+ 40% AP)
Detalles de la Habilidad
¡Ayudita, Pix! is a targeted ability that can be cast on either an allied or an enemy champion or minion.

Información adicional:

  • Pix will respect his maximum leash and return to Lulu if her target moves 2000 units away from her.
  • Pix is independent from the absorption shield when cast on an ally and he will continue to assist the target's attacks even if the shield breaks.
    • Likewise, the absorption shield will persist for the full effect even if the ally target leaves Pix's leash range.
  • While Pix is away from Lulu, his bolt from Champion Glitterlance will fire from his location toward the cursor.
    • Doing so can extend the range of Glitterlance to be much larger than it normally is.
Lulu EVideo

COSTO: 100 maná
ENFRIAMIENTO: 110 / 95 / 80

Activa: Lulu hace crecer a un campeón aliado objetivo, lanzando por los aires a todos los enemigos alrededor del objetivo. Durante 7 segundos, el aliado gana vida adicional y un aura que continuamente ralentiza a los enemigos cercanos.

  • Vida Adicional: 300 / 450 / 600 (+ 50% AP)
  • Ralentización en Area: 30 / 45 / 60%
Detalles de la Habilidad
Enormamiento is a targeted ability that grants the target bonus health and an aura.

Información adicional:

  • There is a size limit to how large champions can grow. Contrary to popular belief, using it on a Cho'Gath Cho'Gath with 6 Champion Feast stacks with a Greater Relic buff will not increase the size significantly.
  • Wild Growth's health restoration is not reduced by the Grievous Wounds debuff.
  • Wild Growth's health restoration will retain when the ability's duration ends.
  • Wild Growth's knockup component will pop spell shields.
  • Wild Growth's Airbone effect lasts for 1.5 seconds.
  • Wild Growth's aura is a persistent slow, keeping enemies slowed for as long as they remain in range.
    • Slows will linger for 0.25 seconds after leaving the marked area.
Lulu RVideo

Diferencias en Mapas Específicos

Cicatriz de Cristal y Bosque Retorcido
  • Wild Growth Enormamiento
    • El Enfriamiento es 120 / 110 / 100 segundos en vez de 110 / 95 / 80 segundos.