Selección de Campeón
  • Play "Know the loom. Be the stone."
Al iniciar una partida en la Grieta del Invocador
  • Taliyah.startSummonersRift01
    "The sun rises... I must go!"
  • Taliyah.startSummonersRift02
    "A bird's trust is not in the branch."
  • Taliyah.startSummonersRift03
    "I'm going ahead."
  • Taliyah.startSummonersRift04
    "Every tapestry begins with a single stitch."
Al iniciar una partida en la Cicatriz de Cristal
  • Taliyah.startCrystalScar01
    "The wounds of this land run deep."
Al iniciar una partida en el Bosque Retorcido
  • Taliyah.startTwistedTreeline01
    "The ground here conceals a mighty power."
Al iniciar una partida en el Abismo de los Lamentos
  • Taliyah.startHowlingAbyss01
    "The stone here is amazing!"
  • Taliyah.attack01
    "Parece que estás entre la roca y la pared".
  • Taliyah.attack02
    "Nuestros caminos se entretejieron por alguna razón".
  • Taliyah.attack03
    "A veces, aprender duele".
  • Taliyah.attack04
    "Ah, qué bien, justo lo que necesito".
  • Taliyah.attack05
    "Sacrifiqué muchas cosas como para dejar que me detengas".
  • Taliyah.attack06
    "La maestría es un viaje, y esta es tu primera lección".
  • Taliyah.attack07
    "Bien, genial, es justo lo que quería que pasara. Para variar".
  • Taliyah.attack08
    "Mi padre solía decir que era la pesadilla de todo pastor".
  • Taliyah.attack09
    "Tendrás que esforzarte más para quebrarme".
  • Taliyah.attack10
    "Cada lección es un obsequio".
  • Taliyah.attack11
    "Control, control, control..."
  • Taliyah.attack12
    "Quizás yo soy tu lección".
  • Taliyah.attack13
    "La experiencia es la mejora maestra".
  • Taliyah.attack14
    "Mi don, mi responsabilidad".
  • Taliyah.attack15
    "¿Qué te parece este lanzamiento de piedras?"
  • Taliyah.attack16
    "Sigo aquí".
  • Taliyah.attack17
    "Una piedra a la vez".
  • Taliyah.attack18
    "Quise hacer eso, casi".
  • Taliyah.attack19
    "Hasta las rocas pueden ser impredecibles".
  • Taliyah.attack20
    "¡Una roca en mi mano vale dos en tu cara!"
  • Taliyah.attack21
    "¡Cuidado con la lluvia de rocas!"
  • Taliyah.attack22
    "¿Cómo hice eso?"
  • Taliyah.attack23
    "Eso se vio doloroso".
  • Taliyah.attack24
    "De una forma u otra aprenderé algo de esto".
  • Taliyah.attack25
    "Parece que tienes una o dos cosas que aprender".
  • Taliyah.attack26
    "Muy bien, tengo el control".
  • Taliyah.attack27
    "No dejes ni una piedra sin revisar".
  • Taliyah.attack28
    "Como enhebrar una aguja".
  • Taliyah.attack29
    "Cada roca tiene una historia, esta puede ser dolorosa".
  • Taliyah.attack30
    "Bueno, como sea... ¡bam!"
  • Taliyah.attack31
    "Me encargaré de ello".
  • Taliyah.attack32
    "No te metas con una tejedora de piedras".
  • Taliyah.attack33
    "Soy... bastante asombrosa".
  • Taliyah.attack34
    "Eso fue... sorprendente".
  • Taliyah.attack35
    "¡Yo soy la roca!"
  • Taliyah.attack36
    "Soy la piedra debajo de tus pies".
  • Taliyah.attack37
    "El valor es más duro que la piedra".
  • Taliyah.attack38
    "La mejor defensa es un cimiento sólido".
  • Taliyah.attack39
    "Tiraste del hilo equivocado".
  • Taliyah.attack40
  • Taliyah.attack41
    "Tú me subestimas".
Attacking an enemy in the jungle
  • Taliyah.attackJungle01
    "Not all who wander are lost."
Attacking an enemy in the river
  • Taliyah.attackRiver01
    "I'm the rock the river cannot wash away!"
While using TaliyahSquare.png Freljord Taliyah
  • TaliyahFreljord.attack01
    "Know what makes snowballs more fun? Rocks!"
  • TaliyahFreljord.attack02
    "Let me break the ice for you!"
  • TaliyahFreljord.attack03
    "Yes! I mean - cool. Totally cool."
  • TaliyahFreljord.attack04
    "The greatest danger lies beneath the ice."
  • TaliyahFreljord.attack05
    "Ice betrays the sure-footed."
  • TaliyahFreljord.attack06
    "Cold does not forgive."
  • TaliyahFreljord.attack07
    "For the Freljord."
  • TaliyahFreljord.attack08
    "The glaciers see you tremble."
  • TaliyahFreljord.attack09
    "Ice and stones will break your bones."
  • TaliyahFreljord.attack10
    "How about a snowball fight?"
  • TaliyahFreljord.attack11
    "Even mountains can crumble."
  • TaliyahFreljord.attack12
    "Even the smallest stone can start an avalanche."
  • TaliyahFreljord.attack13
    "Brace yourself - I hear winter is coming."
Al atacar al Barón Nashor Barón Nashor
  • Taliyah.attackBaron01
    "Guau... si que eres alto".
  • Taliyah.attackBaron02
    "Como en el pasado, lucharemos contra ti".
Al atacar al Dragón Dragón
  • Taliyah.attackDragon01
    "El calor de tu fuego no se compara con el del desierto".
  • Taliyah.attackDragon02
    "Busqué a los tuyos en los confines de la tierra".
Al atacar a Vilemaw Vilemaw
  • Taliyah.attackVilemaw01
    "Qué red mas enredada la tuya".
  • Taliyah.attackVilemaw02
    "Mi tejido está hecho de un material más robusto".
  • Taliyah.move01
    "A sparrow flies against the wind."
  • Taliyah.move02
    "What magnificent stone."
  • Taliyah.move03
    "A stone here is so beautiful."
  • Taliyah.move04
    "A great Weaver says every lesson is a gift."
  • Taliyah.move05
    "The earth hides many secrets."
  • Taliyah.move06
    "Hard work polishes the roughest stones."
  • Taliyah.move07
    "The desert's beauty lies beneath the sand."
  • Taliyah.move08
    "I must finish my task."
  • Taliyah.move09
    "Keep your eyes on the horizon and your feet on the ground."
  • Taliyah.move10
    "My journey is not yet at an end."
  • Taliyah.move11
    "A tribe without tradition is a flock without a shepherd."
  • Taliyah.move12
    "It is up to all of us to see beauty in the bare stone."
  • Taliyah.move13
    "Distance means so little when family means so much."
  • Taliyah.move14
    "The earth calls, and I must answer."
  • Taliyah.move15
    "To conquer our fears, we must move forward."
  • Taliyah.move16
    "So long as the desert blooms, there is hope."
  • Taliyah.move17
    "Every pebble holds infinite potential."
  • Taliyah.move18
    "What an interesting pattern."
  • Taliyah.move19
    "True learning is just a stone's throw away."
  • Taliyah.move20
    "Oh, look, a rock... and another... and another!"
  • Taliyah.move21
    "I know all of this will lead me home someday."
  • Taliyah.move22
    "Every stone weaves a different story."
  • Taliyah.move23
    "This world is a tapestry of our own making."
  • Taliyah.move24
    "No use staying in one place."
  • Taliyah.move25
    "The earth here... such colours."
  • Taliyah.move26
    "Nothing ventured, nothing learned."
  • Taliyah.move27
    "I keep moving, but my feet are on solid ground."
  • Taliyah.move28
    "If I stumble, I have the earth to catch me."
  • Taliyah.move29
    "The world is my loom, and every stone my thread."
  • Taliyah.move30
    "This world is frayed, and in need of mending."
  • Taliyah.move31
    "Every pebble holds infinite potential."
  • Taliyah.move32
    "I think I've learned what I need to here."
  • Taliyah.move33
    "I must push myself harder next time."
  • Taliyah.move34
    "The warmth of the desert calls me home."
  • Taliyah.move35
    "No choice is written in stone."
  • Taliyah.move36
    "There's no place like home."
  • Taliyah.move37
    "Feels good to be back."
Upon entering the enemy base
  • Taliyah.moveEnemyBase01
    "Time to roll up my sleeves."
Upon moving after having said an idle phrase
  • Taliyah.moveIdle01
    "Just when I start to appreciate the view, it is time to move on."
While using TaliyahSquare.png Freljord Taliyah
  • TaliyahFreljord.move01
    "The mountains breathe beneath the snow."
  • TaliyahFreljord.move02
    "I traded dunes of sand for drifts of snow."
  • TaliyahFreljord.move03
    "I guess ice it is."
  • TaliyahFreljord.move04
    "Best way to stay warm is the keep moving."
  • TaliyahFreljord.move05
    "The ice is beautiful."
  • TaliyahFreljord.move06
    "The snow sparkles like desert stars."
  • TaliyahFreljord.move07
    "Nothing beats walking on fresh snow."
  • TaliyahFreljord.move08
    "The snow falling is a thing of wonder."
  • TaliyahFreljord.move09
    "The sight of glaciers takes my breath away."
  • TaliyahFreljord.move10
    "The Freljord isn't barren, but waits to be revealed."
  • TaliyahFreljord.move11
    "I long for the warmth of the desert."
  • Taliyah.taunt01
    "Maybe I'm here to teach you something."
  • Taliyah.taunt02
    "You're never too old to learn something new."
  • Taliyah.taunt03
    "Go ahead, push me. We'll both find out what I'm made of."
  • Taliyah.taunt04
    "You're not a problem, you're a learning opportunity."
  • Taliyah.taunt05
    "I'm not afraid of you."
Upon taunting an enemy Amumu Amumu
  • Taliyah.tauntAmumu01
    "Sounds like somebody needs a nap."
Taunting a nearby Anivia Anivia while using TaliyahSquare.png Freljord Taliyah
  • TaliyahFreljord.tauntAnivia01
    (Ally) "I see the beauty in the snow."
  • TaliyahFreljord.tauntAnivia02
    (Enemy) "There is much to learn from the mountains."
Upon taunting an enemy Annie Annie
  • Taliyah.tauntAnnie01
    "Playtime is going to get a little rocky."
Upon taunting an enemy aquatic champion
  • Taliyah.tauntAquatic01
    "You are out of your depth."
Taunting an ally Ashe Ashe while using TaliyahSquare.png Freljord Taliyah
  • TaliyahFreljord.tauntAshe01
    "Queen, do not forget your people."
  • TaliyahFreljord.tauntAshe02
    "The tribes of the Freljord must unite."
Upon taunting an enemy Aurelion Sol Aurelion Sol
  • Taliyah.tauntAurelionSol01
    "Even the smallest stone can shake the heavens."
Upon taunting an enemy Azir Azir
  • Taliyah.tauntAzir01
    "Remember there is stone beneath your sand."
  • Taliyah.tauntAzir02
    "We have prospered without you."
  • Taliyah.tauntAzir03
    "Your servants will resist."
  • Taliyah.tauntAzir04
    "There is no empire without the people."
  • Taliyah.tauntAzir05
    "Close to the ground, the sparrow flies faster than the falcon."
  • Taliyah.tauntAzir06
    "Shurima will live on without you."
  • Taliyah.tauntAzir07
    "Better to build on stone than sand."
  • Taliyah.tauntAzir08
    "You forget your people."
  • Taliyah.tauntAzir09
    "Shouldn't you be home polishing your Sun Disc?"
Taunting an ally Braum Braum while using TaliyahSquare.png Freljord Taliyah
  • TaliyahFreljord.tauntBraum01
    "My father was a shepherd too!"
  • TaliyahFreljord.tauntBraum02
    "You love goat's milk? I love goat's milk!"
Upon taunting an enemy Cassiopeia Cassiopeia
  • Taliyah.tauntCassiopeia01
    "The sands have revealed your true form."
  • Taliyah.tauntCassiopeia02
    "You have poisoned your own heart."
  • Taliyah.tauntCassiopeia03
    "This is how the desert repays thieves."
  • Taliyah.tauntCassiopeia04
    "Noxians... why did it have to be Noxians?"
Upon taunting an enemy Cho'Gath Cho'Gath
  • Taliyah.tauntChoGath01
    "You are the scourge upon our world."
Upon taunting an enemyEkko Ekko
  • Taliyah.tauntEkko01
    "Did the earth move for you too? Did I just say that out loud?"
Upon taunting an enemy Fiddlesticks Fiddlesticks
  • Taliyah.tauntFiddlesticks01
    "Don't be silly. Scarecrows don't talk."
Upon taunting an enemy Illaoi Illaoi
  • Taliyah.tauntIllaoi01
    "Don't worry. I don't stay in one place for long."
Upon taunting a nearby Ionian
  • Taliyah.tauntIonian01
    (Ally) "The mountains of Ionia taught me much."
  • Taliyah.tauntIonian02
    (Ally) "My learning continues."
  • Taliyah.tauntIonian03
    (Enemy) "Another test?"
  • Taliyah.tauntIonian04
    (Enemy) "Let the training begin again."
Upon taunting an enemy Jhin Jhin
  • Taliyah.tauntJhin01
    "You're no artist, just a hired gun!"
  • Taliyah.tauntJhin02
    "Beauty is no excuse for so much suffering."
Upon taunting an enemy Kassadin Kassadin
  • Taliyah.tauntKassadin01
    "Are Icathia's secrets truly the key?"
  • Taliyah.tauntKassadin02
    "Tell us what we need to stand against those creatures."
Upon taunting an enemy Kindred Kindred
  • Taliyah.tauntKindred01
    "Life and death are two ends of the same thread."
Taunting an enemy Lissandra Lissandra while using TaliyahSquare.png Freljord Taliyah
  • TaliyahFreljord.tauntLissandra01
    "The ice rebels against your corruption!"
  • TaliyahFreljord.tauntLissandra02
    "The glaciers will resist the darkness!"
Upon taunting a nearby Malphite Malphite
  • Taliyah.tauntMalphite01
    (Ally) "Sedimentary, my dear Malphite."
  • Taliyah.tauntMalphite02
    (Enemy) "I've crushed bigger rocks than you."
  • Taliyah.tauntMalphite03
    (Enemy) "Even rock gives under the right pressure."
Upon taunting an enemy Malzahar Malzahar
  • Taliyah.tauntMalzahar01
    "You have betrayed our people to chaos."
  • Taliyah.tauntMalzahar02
    "The stone of Shurima will stand against those creatures."
Upon taunting an ally Nasus Nasus
  • Taliyah.tauntNasus01
    "Our future is not yet off the loom."
  • Taliyah.tauntNasus02
    "Worry is a heavier burden than stone."
  • Taliyah.tauntNasus03
    "Do not give up before the journey is finished."
  • Taliyah.tauntNasus04
    "Even the most barren desert blooms in time."
Upon taunting an enemy Noxian
  • Taliyah.tauntNoxian01
    "The promises of Noxus are nothing but lies."
  • Taliyah.tauntNoxian02
    "I will take no part in your war machine."
  • Taliyah.tauntNoxian03
    "You are nothing but plunderers and poachers."
  • Taliyah.tauntNoxian04
    "We will not trade the yoke of one empire for another."
  • Taliyah.tauntNoxian05
    "The earth will rip itself apart before it falls to Noxus."
  • Taliyah.tauntNoxian06
    "Noxus promised learning, but delivered only bloodshed."
Upon taunting an enemy Rammus Rammus
  • Taliyah.tauntRammus01
    "You sure you're alright?"
  • Taliyah.tauntRammus02
    "You sure you're okay?"
Upon taunting an enemy Rek'Sai Rek'Sai
  • Taliyah.tauntRekSai01
    "You will stalk the sands no more."
  • Taliyah.tauntRekSai02
    "You breed chaos like a rabid ralsiji!"
Upon taunting an enemy Renekton Renekton
  • Taliyah.tauntRenekton01
    "Your resurrection has twisted your mind."
  • Taliyah.tauntRenekton02
    "Stone sealed your tomb once. It will again."
  • Taliyah.tauntRenekton03
    "I will mend what you have sundered."
Upon taunting an enemy Ryze Ryze
  • Taliyah.tauntRyze01
    "This time, rock beats paper!"
Taunting a nearby Sejuani Sejuani while using TaliyahSquare.png Freljord Taliyah
  • TaliyahFreljord.tauntSejuani01
    (Ally) "Conquest will turn the tribes against each other."
  • TaliyahFreljord.tauntSejuani02
    (Enemy) "There is more to living than fighting."
Upon taunting an enemy Sivir Sivir
  • Taliyah.tauntSivir01
    "He may be your blood, but we are your people."
  • Taliyah.tauntSivir02
    "You have a choice, Sivir."
  • Taliyah.tauntSivir03
    "Do not turn your back on what is right."
Upon taunting an ally Skarner Skarner
  • Taliyah.tauntSkarner01
    "I feel your tribe sleeping below the earth."
  • Taliyah.tauntSkarner02
    "Is it hard to be the protector of so many?"
  • Taliyah.tauntSkarner03
    "I know the power that lies beneath."
Upon taunting an enemy Taric Taric
  • Taliyah.tauntTaric01
    "Ooh, you're pretty. Guys can be pretty, right?"
Upon taunting an enemy Vel'Koz Vel'Koz
  • Taliyah.tauntVelKoz01
    "Your pattern weaves nothing but chaos."
  • Taliyah.tauntVelKoz02
    "Want to examine some stone up close?"
  • Taliyah.tauntVelKoz03
    "How's that for dirt in your eye?"
Upon taunting an enemy Voidborn
  • Taliyah.tauntVoidborn01
  • Taliyah.tauntVoidborn02
    "You are not wanted here."
  • Taliyah.tauntVoidborn03
    "We are stronger than you think."
  • Taliyah.tauntVoidborn04
    "Leave our world!"
Upon taunting an enemy Warwick Warwick
  • Taliyah.tauntWarwick01
    "It is the shepherd's duty to drive the wolf away."
  • Taliyah.tauntWarwick02
    "You are nothing but a sheep in wolf's clothes."
Upon taunting an enemy Xerath Xerath
  • Taliyah.tauntXerath01
    "Yours is the ill wind that begat his wrath."
Upon taunting an enemy Yasuo Yasuo
  • Taliyah.tauntYasuo01
    "Master Yasuo, remember me?"
  • Taliyah.tauntYasuo02
    "I knew we'd meet again."
  • Taliyah.tauntYasuo03
    "I've learned much since we last met."
  • Taliyah.tauntYasuo04
    "Let me show you what I've learned."
  • Taliyah.laugh01
    Taliyah laughs.
  • Taliyah.laugh02
    Taliyah laughs.
  • Taliyah.laugh03
    Taliyah laughs.
  • Taliyah.laugh04
    Taliyah laughs.
Upon casting Champion Threaded Volley
  • Taliyah.spellQ1
    "Problems should be broken up into little pieces."
  • Taliyah.spellQ2
    "Take this!"
  • Taliyah.spellQ3
    "Tag, you're it!"
  • Taliyah.spellQ4
    "If at first you don't succeed, throw another rock!"
  • Taliyah.spellQ5
    "I told you to stand back!"
Upon casting Champion Seismic Shove
  • Taliyah.spellW1
    "You've strayed too far!"
  • Taliyah.spellW2
    "Up you go!"
  • Taliyah.spellW3
  • Taliyah.spellW4
  • Taliyah.spellW5
  • Taliyah.spellW6
    "Maybe you should go over there!"
  • Taliyah.spellW7
    "Away with you!"
Upon casting Champion Unraveled Earth
  • Taliyah.spellE1
    "It's never good to run from your problems."
  • Taliyah.spellE2
    "Watch your step."
  • Taliyah.spellE3
    "Mind your footing."
  • Taliyah.spellE4
    "You're standing on shaky ground."
  • Taliyah.spellE5
    "Tread lightly."
  • Taliyah.spellE6
    "Never dismiss what's beneath your feet."
Upon casting Champion Weaver's Wall
  • Taliyah.spellR1
    "Better to build from the ground up."
  • Taliyah.spellR2
    "Time to divide the flock."
  • Taliyah.spellR3
    "Let's shake things up."
While riding Champion Weaver's Wall
  • Taliyah.spellR4
    "Time to go with the flow."
  • Taliyah.spellR5
    "This... is... amazing!"
  • Taliyah.spellR6
    "How amazing is this?"
  • Taliyah.spellR7
    "You can run from a landslide, I prefer to ride it!"
  • Taliyah.spellR8
    "Here I come!"
Upon finishing Champion Weaver's Wall
  • Taliyah.spellR9
    "You have to try that."
  • Taliyah.spellR10
    "That may have gotten away from me."
  • Taliyah.spellR11
    "Totally. Epic."
  • Taliyah.spellR12
    "Did you see that?"
Al comprar un objeto
  • Taliyah.item01
    "¡Qué bien!, necesitaba esto".
  • Taliyah.item02
    "Me alegra que lo tuviera disponible".
  • Taliyah.item03
    "Ah, necesito uno de esos".
  • Taliyah.item04
    "Más vale prevenir que lamentar".
  • Taliyah.item05
    "Nunca está demás estar preparada".
  • Taliyah.item06
    "Qué bueno que pude comprar esto".
  • Taliyah.item07
    "Esto debería funcionar".
  • Taliyah.item08
    "Siempre se aprender mejor con las herramientas adecuadas".
  • Taliyah.itemBootsBasic01
    Botas de Velocidad item "Todas las chicas necesitamos un buen par de botas".
  • Taliyah.itemBootsLucidity01
    "These boots were made for weaving."
  • Taliyah.itemGiantsBelt01
    "¡Ooh, cinturones!"
  • Taliyah.itemVisionWard01
    "Clear vision brings hope."
  • Taliyah.itemVisionWard02
    "This should make the pattern easier to follow."
  • Taliyah.itemVisionWard03
    "Time to see the pattern in the weave."
  • Taliyah.itemVisionWard04
    "A rock in the bush is worth five in the hand."
  • Taliyah.itemAncientCoin01
    "This currency carries weight beyond the sands."
  • Taliyah.itemBansheesVeil02
    "My father carried one of these."
  • Taliyah.itemEyeOfTheOasis01
    "A vision most welcome in the sands."
  • Taliyah.itemTalismanOfAscension01
    "A relic of the old ways."
  • Taliyah.itemRabadonsDeathcap01
    "Let's see what I can pull out of this hat."
  • Taliyah.itemRabadonsDeathcap02
    "Some hats speak louder than words."
  • Taliyah.itemLichBane01
    "Huh, towers are stone too. Interesting."
  • Taliyah.itemRylaisCrystalScepter01
    "Diamonds really are a girl's best friend."
  • Taliyah.itemLudensEcho01
    "One more reason to keep moving."
  • Taliyah.itemTearOfTheGoddess01
    "The great Weaver protects me."
  • Taliyah.itemArchangelsStaff01
    "Time for a sigh of relief."
  • Taliyah.itemCatalystOfAeons01
    "I haven't seen this stone before."
  • Taliyah.itemRodOfAges01
    "Time to carry a bigger stick."
  • Taliyah.itemMejaisSoulstealer01
    "Time to go big or go home."
  • Taliyah.itemMorellonomicon01
    "Time to throw the book at them too."
  • Taliyah.itemAbyssalScepter01
    "Time to fight magic with more magic."
  • Taliyah.itemHextechProtobelt01
    "Rocks should really come with an instruction manual."
  • Taliyah.itemSpellthiefsEdge01
    "Stick them with the pointy end."
  • Taliyah.itemBansheesVeil01
    "I fear no apparitions."
  • Taliyah.itemVoidStaff01
    "A little chaos should shake things up."
  • Taliyah.itemZhonyasHourglass01
    "That sand reminds me of home."
Upon [[File:{{{Archangel's Staff}}} item.png|20px|alt=|Archangel's Staff|link=Archangel's Staff]] Archangel's Staff transforming in to [[File:{{{Seraph's Embrace}}} item.png|20px|alt=|Seraph's Embrace|link=Seraph's Embrace]] Seraph's Embrace
  • Taliyah.itemSeraphsEmbrace01
    "Time to apply what I've learned."
Upon closing the shop
  • Taliyah.shopClose01
    "Choices. Those are my only true possessions."
Upon scoring a pentakill
  • Taliyah.pentakill01
    "Five birds, one stone."
Upon going on a Killing Spree
  • Taliyah.spreeKillingSpree01
    "Great, now who am I going to learn from?"
Upon an ally scoring First Blood
  • Taliyah.firstBloodAlly01
    "I guess they learned their lesson?"
Upon an enemy scoring First Blood
  • Taliyah.firstBloodEnemy01
    "A stone can't be polished without a little friction."
When an enemy gets away with low health
  • Taliyah.interactionEnemyEscape01
    "Oh, good, just what I need."
During the Mid Game
  • Taliyah.interactionTimeMidGame01
    "The midday toil is the most difficult."
During the Late Game
  • Taliyah.interactionTimeLateGame01
    "Evening is upon us. Let us finish this."
Upon destroying an enemy tower
  • Taliyah.tower01
    "That... was... amazing! Let us see if I can do it again!"
Upon destroying multiple enemy towers
  • Taliyah.tower02
    "Some walls were meant to come down."
Upon hearing an allied joke
  • Taliyah.interactionJokeAlly01
    "That was great!"
Upon hearing an enemy joke
  • Taliyah.interactionJokeEnemy01
    "Huh. I guess that's funny where you come from."
Upon using a [[File:{{{Health Potion}}} item.png|20px|alt=|Health Potion|link=Health Potion]] Health Potion
  • Taliyah.potion01
    "Almost better than goat's milk."
  • Taliyah.potion02
  • Taliyah.potion03
    "Tastes like sunshine."
Upon placing a ward
  • Taliyah.ward01
    "Clear vision is best when there are many paths."
  • Taliyah.ward02
    "Action without vision is a nightmare."
  • Taliyah.ward03
    "Vision guides the thread."
  • Taliyah.ward04
    "Big dreams require a lot of vision."
  • Taliyah.ward05
    "Girls with dreams become women with vision."
  • Taliyah.ward06
    "You cannot be what you cannot envision."
  • Taliyah.ward07
    "Shared vision unite the tribe."
  • Taliyah.ward08
    "Time to make vision a reality."


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