Skills Usage

    • Vel'Koz's strength as a mage comes from the CC potential and spammable nature of his skills to build up his  Organic Deconstruction stacks, along with his relatively long ranges to keep his enemies at bay. He is, however, vulnerable at close range and lacks mobility along with relatively low scaling ratios.
    • Plasma Fission has decent base damage, a low mana cost, and short cooldown, making it his main poke/harass tool.
      • With some practice, you can catch people off guard by angling  Plasma Fission when activating it again early. This is essential for a good  Vel'Koz player.
      • The slow from  Plasma Fission is very high initially, use it to line up the rest of your skills and land an easy  Tectonic Disruption.
    • Void Rift allows you to farm effectively by applying two stacks of  Organic Deconstruction; using both charges can clear a wave fairly easily.
    • Landing both parts of  Void Rift is important, not only for the greater half of the damage but also for the additional stack of  Organic Deconstruction.
    • Tectonic Disruption is your only form of hard CC and disengage and has a high cooldown at early levels. Be careful when it is on cooldown.
    • Utilizing  Organic Deconstruction is key to maximizing  Vel'Koz's damage. Due to the true damage proc on it, you can burst down tanks easier than other mages as well as drop squishier targets faster, making it imperative to combo your skills quickly.
      • Organic Deconstruction stacks can be maintained with auto-attacks. This is especially useful in the early game when your spells still have a long cooldown.
    • Lifeform Disintegration Ray is a channeled ability and can be interrupted by CC. Make sure that most of your enemies' crowd control is gone before using your ultimate to ensure maximum damage.
      • Lifeform Disintegration Ray can pass through people, thereby dealing full damage to all targets, while also applying multiple stacks of your passive in a short amount of time. However, be sure to aim it properly as it adjusts slowly.
    • Be aware of champions who have dashes or can get behind you instantly (i.e.  Katarina,  Leona,  Zed) as you will not be able to turn fast enough to maximize  Lifeform Disintegration Ray.
    • As stated before, combining your abilities into a combo is important when playing  Vel'Koz, and there are a few ways to do so:
      • Engaging with  Tectonic Disruption can help you land a  Plasma Fission to prevent an enemy from escaping afterwards with  Void Riftadding extra damage. This combined with  Lifeform Disintegration Ray can lead to devastating results.
      • Likewise, engaging with  Plasma Fission can make it easier to land a  Tectonic Disruption.

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